Process Improvement Services

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Process Improvements

We provide solutions to help companies stay competitive with their current resources. We troubleshoot your existing processes to propose the most efficient and effective workflows and procedures for your business

Major corrective Acton solutions

  • Help you address the root cause of the non-conformance in the most efficient and effective way

Supplier Audit responses

  • Help you address your customers concerns in an efficient, effective and straightforward manner

Document review and creation

  • To streamline processes and documents to ensure you do not have too many documents within your QMS. Ensure the documents you do have add value to your business and processes.

The Plan Do Check Act Cycle (PDCA)

It is a 4-step model for carrying out a change within an organization. This cycle is continuous and should be repeated and again for continuous improvement

When to use the PDCA cycle

  • Starting a new process improvement project

  • Research and development

  • Planning data collection to assist in identifying Root cause and or prioritize problems

  • Implementing any change

  • Working towards continual improvement

The PDCA cycle

1. Plan – recognize an opportunity and plan the change – through Preventative actions, corrective action and or management of change processes

2. Do – Test the change. (such as a small scale test in a small group or department before implementing to the entire organization)

3. Check – review the test and analyze the results to determine if the change is effective and beneficial to your organization.

4. Act – take action based on what you learned during your test. Redevelop a plan and make changes to a trial or implement the change into the organization.