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Our Story

Founded in 2021, Geared To Quality is a Quality Management Consulting company that provides value-added services, increasing your efficiency and productivity along with meeting client and regulatory requirements.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Geared to Quality has expertise in Quality Management and Process Improvement. By providing tailored solutions, we have built a track record of delivering superior services to our clients.

Commitment to Quality

At Geared to Quality, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships. By taking the time to understand your organization and the obstacles you face, we provide custom-tailored solutions geared to meet your business goals.

Our Mission

To provide custom-tailored innovative solutions that ensure compliance and meet your customers requirments

Our Vision

To create Quality Managment Systems that are easly mantained and geared towards long term use.

Our Value

Create cost-effective solutions by ensuring efficient processes, through stakeholder involvement and innovative solutions

Jeff Chaput

Jeff is a quality management consultant with 10+ years of business experience. He has an extensive background in planning and implementing quality management systems and process improvements. Jeff is an analytical and conceptual thinker who effectively partners with organizations to assess opportunities, facilitate change and drive successful implementations. Jeff's ability to evaluate complex situations and identify appropriate solutions shows his ability to gain meaningful insight and follow up.

Jeff has managed various projects in industries ranging from oil and gas, fabrication and construction. Projects include:

  • Operational Audits

  • Full QMS implmentations

  • Upgrading from ISO9001 to API Q1

  • Re implmentation of QMS

  • Gap analysis to revised or new standards

  • Preparation for an API Q1 or ISO Certification Audit

  • Continual improvement and process streamlining.

  • QMS Training

  • QMS replacement and upgrades

Jeff started Geared to Quality in 2021. Before starting Geared to quality, he has been a quality manager for 10+ years. Implemented multiple quality management systems from the ground up and upgraded many quality systems to a new standard. The fastest implementation and certification in 6 months for an entire QMS and three months for a QMS upgrade to the new standard.